Sunday, 23 January 2011

Well I never!

Just had to tell you this story - About 10 days ago the postie dropped a Royal Mail Card through my door  saying that i had a charge of £1.32 to pay for a letter they were holding at the sorting office..........this seems to happen fairly often now, since they changed the letter sizes etc!!!!

Well off I went to the post office to collect my letter, drove into town, paid for parking and went to the sorting office, only to be handed a dl envelope with a big yellow sticker- no postage paid - no stamp and no frank mark.  When i opened the letter is was a bleeding bog standard mail shot from a large nationwide company!   aaaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!! how annoying!! It had cost me time and money .......for nothing!

At Dinner that evening I was telling my hubby and that i thought i would complain to the company concerned - his reply was - 'don't excpect them to do anything about it, they probably won't even get back to you'

I called the company in the morning to explain what happened and request my refund - told them i was happy for them to send me some first class stamps to cover it, they said that i wasn't the first to complain and they weren't  sure how it happened, but they would be in touch.

WELL..........what dropped through my letter box yesteday morning, a lovley letter of apology for causing
me all the inconvenience AND a gift card  for £10 from Marks an Spencer!   To say i was gobsmacked was an understatement.........and the delight i took in showing my hubby when he came in from work was, shall we say pleasing!  Now thats what i call a result.

I don't often complain, but it was  certainly worth it this time!  I dread to think how much it may have cost them if  there were a few complaints!

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