Friday, 27 June 2008

Quit Chocolate - as if!

Chocolate deprivation....Why is it when you are desperate for a piece of chocoalte, there is never any to be found, or one of the other darlings in your household has just eaten the last bit, and no amount of trawling in drawers and cupboards and the bottom of handbags relinquishes any of the milky nectar.......with this thought in mind I have posted this card, one of my fav Penny Black stamps
One of my first Tilda cards, at first I couldn't make up my mind if i liked Tilda or not......then the bug bit, I keep adding to my collection. I have had great service from the Glitterpot for my stamps and when the cravings start they are only a phone call away. Cuttlebugged this card and the tags and felt it was quite summery

A Bad Week!

Thought i'd try setting some thing up on my blog tonight, felt the need to lose myself after the horrible time my family has been having lately.
Over the last ten day we have had four funerals, my hubby's uncle, my uncle's brother, my beloved gran and today was the last of them, when my best friend of 27 years had her father's funeral, so very sad, especially when she lost her mum to cancer 2 years ago, she was saying that's her an orphan now...this really brings it home to you how precious life and the time we have here we should relish and enjoy every minute of it when we have the chance.
On a sunnier note (well not so sunny, as its pouring of rain here) kids broke up from school at 1pm today for the summer holidays.....a whole 7 weeks!! How long before they start fighting with one another? Any bets? How much crafting and blogging do you think i will mange to get in between entertaining them and being a taxi service etc.
Was feeling in a rather 'purple ' mood when i made this card, made with Penny Black Embrace stamp, watercolured and glittered, check out her nails....wish my own looked this good!

more candy to drool over

Susie over at white ribbon cards is celebrating 15,000 hits and is sharing some blog candy on her lovely site, pop over and have a peek.

Evelyn x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

blog candy

Jacqueline is offering some fab blog candy to celebrate 10,000 hits!
Well, i've gone and done it now, haven't I! Very, very new to the blogging concept so please be understanding and forgive me any glaring errors....there may be a few!

I will try and get some cards uploaded over the next couple of days, but i'd better be quick , as my 2 youngest kids go off on School holidays at 1pm on Friday.....for seven and a half weeks....(so i may not have much time to myself, what do you think?).... did we ever get school holidays that lasted that long.........maybe my memory is playing tricks with me!

So much for Summer holidays's rained here all day on the West Coast of Scotland, looks like it'll be wellies and raincoats, not bikinis and sunhats after all.