Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Apologies and Huge Thank You

Firstly an apology for being a bad blogger and falling from the face of the planet! Sorry!-I have had major computer problems which took ages to get sorted out, then once that was fixed my broadband internet decided to be the next thing to take a vacation! how very inconvenient, 2 new routers later and loads of hours on the telephone and I am at last now fixed and up and running again YAAAY!!

and now for my Huge thank you -

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to all my family, friends and wonderful SU family for the lovely cards and gifts which were sent to me after my operation and Hospital stay, I am now recovering slowly and getting better each day, I am now 3 weeks down the line and some things are starting to almost return to normal......well a little anyway -  not allowed to drive for another 4/5 weeks , so that is a real pain.  My 2 kids that are still school age start their school holidays on Thursday for seven weeks, so I am hoping that them being at home will speed my recovery and not hinder it any!!!........How many days do you think I will get before I hear.....'I'm Bored!.......

Thanks everyone for all my delicious cards .......I will post them on here very soon xxx

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