Monday, 23 November 2009

I'm still here........honest!!

sorry not uploaded much for a few weeks now,life and health issues just seemed to take over! we all know they can do at times. Off to have my swine flu jag on Wed, keep thinking...will I or won't I, but with other health issues i suppose it is in my best interests to have it! had my normal flu jag last week and for the first time in 5 years i was left with quite a sore arm, all red and warm,have heard the swine flu jag can do this too, so not looking forward to it.
Have a few things to upload but camera really playing up....................think i'm getting a new one for my Birthday on Friday...........daughter let the cat out of the will be able to get things uploaded again....yeaaah x

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  1. hiya...yep i had both of mine together and bothe arms were really sore could not lie on my swine flu one.. ok now.
    Have a lovely birthday, funny how i found you today, as only just posted your card today too, take care, x carol


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